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Share your .info with the world

.INFO Domain Name

Share your info with the world.

Register .INFO domain name today!

Great time to buy a .INFO domain name!

Because this is a great way to spread your information with the world, with a .INFO domain name. Plus getting your business or group in front of a global audience there is no better way. .INFO isn't just for businesses or professionals -- These domains can be registered by anyone as long as one of your contacts lives in the Asia-Pacific region. They are an affordable, universally recognized domain name.

Select .INFO if:

  • You want to share information, such as research or product specifications.
  • Some one else has registered the .COM that you wanted, but the .INFO version of that domain name has not.
  • The business you have already registered a .COM and would like to protect its brand from cyber-squatters by registering the corresponding .INFO.
  • .INFO is ideally a way to connect with international customers.
  • You have wedding plans to share, details on the annual family reunion or how-to tips online.

Why Select .INFO Domain Name?

  • At present there are over 7.5 million .INFO domains already registered
  • The fourth most popular domain name is .INFO just behind .COM, .NET, and .ORG
  • One of the fastest growing domain extensions is .INFO, exceeding that of the overall domain market

Free Extras

  • Parked Page
  • Domain Forwarding & Masking
  • Total DNS control
  • Change of registration
  • Status alerts
  • Domain locking
  • A cyber-squatter is a person or organization that registers a domain name with no intention of using it for a reputable website. Cyber-squatters often buy up promising domain names in the hopes of selling them for a profit.
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