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We have a great selection of Email Workspace

bladedomainandhosting has a few Email Workspace options for your needs. Business class Email workspace which is not only good for business it is also good for Personal email. Express you self/company with Email Marketing connect with customers and prospects! Online Storage, Online Calendar to remind your self 🙂

Email workspace

Workspace Email

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Perfect for your personal to business email workspace.

Personnel and Business Class Email Hosting!

You can build the identity for your self or business. Grabbing your email from anywhere and you can also receive only the emails you want

At bladedomainandhosting, we treat our Email Workspace Hosting a little differently.

Personal Email:

$1.49 / per month

Workspace Email:

You can store your files in the clouds!

  • Online Storage. Access those important files from any computer connected online .
  • Secure Backup. Knowing your files are securely backup gives you piece of mind!
  • Access your files, your way. Desktop, website and ftp access!
  • Store online with ease. any file type shared with anyone, four different options to view them.
  • Sharing with friends & co-workers. as often as you want, with as many people as you want.

We are happy to offer you Affordable Cloud Online Storage hosting.

Where you host your files and feel safe and secure. Affordable way to access all your documents, photos, music and more!

Workspace Online Storage

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Perfect for backups, storing and sharing all your files or just the ones you want.

Online Storage Economy:

$19.99 / per year

Workspace Online Storage:

Workspace online Calendar

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Your own personal assistant

Workspace online Calendar:

Online Calendar Personal:

$9.99 / per year

Our all-in-one online planner helps you get more done.

With Online Calendar effortlessly manage your time, schedule, and projects. When you add a task or you add an event let Online Calendar do the rest- it will even send a reminder via your cell phone, email or desktop! Online Calendar will also increases the productivity of your team or office with powerful online collaboration tools.

  • Be in control and Stay on track.
  • Keep the whole group working together.
  • Integrates with Workspace Email.

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