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bladedomainandhosting have Marketing Tools options for your needs. Business class Email hosting which is not only good for business it is also good for Personal email. Express you self/company with Email Marketing connect with customers and prospects! Online Storage, Fax Thru Email and Online Calendar to remind your self :)

Marketing tools

Email Marketing

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Perfect for bring traffic to you website.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing Beginner:

$9.99 / per month

Drive more customers to your website

One of the most cost-effective ways to connect to your customers and prospects!

email marketing is a great way to keep your customer and potential ones informed of your products and sales.

  • A simple drag-and-drop email composer.
  • Automatic removal of bad addresses, duplicates and unsubscribes.
  • A signup form for your website or Facebook page.

Drive more customers to your website

Today, most people use the Internet when shopping for products and services – make sure those customers can easily find you. Use our Standard Search Engine Visibility to increase your search rankings, and bring more traffic to your website.

Top seach engines like Google ® , Yahoo! ® , and Bing ® that will help customers can get to your door.

Search Engine Visibility

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Perfect for bring traffic to you website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

$6.99$5.77 / per month

Quick Shopping Cart®

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Everything you need to open your own online store.

Shopping Cart:

Quick Shopping Cart Deluxe:

$29.99$26.99 / per month

Everything you need to open your own online store.

Creating an online store is easy. Just choose a design, add your products and start selling! You don’t need technical skills to build a successful Web store. Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy to create an eye-catching store that accepts credit cards, integrates with Google® and eBay® and offers multiple shipping options – all with no set-up fees!

At Bladedomainandhosting, we have some great option for your Quick Shopping Cart® package.

  • Select from over 1,500 design and color combinations.
  • Organize your products in categories and subcategories.
  • Preview your store before you publish it.

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