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What is a .au domain?

.au domain names are available to all Aussies, not just businesses and are shorter, sharper. You have the freedom to be more creative and go further than existing domain names. And because you don’t need an ABN/ACN anymore, there’s nothing to stop you getting your .au domain.

Who are eligible to register .au domains?

Real Aussies of course . You need to provide an Australian ID number, like a driver’s license or passport, to complete their registration.

What can I do with a .au domain name?

Here is a ;ist of ideas you can use:

  • Consultants for those locals that need your expertise
  • Travel and tourism
  • Restaurants all the different foods
  • Retail stores Yes there are so many types that will fit online.
  • Software development and sales
  • Broadcasting and entertainment
  • Pubs, bars and breweries lots of topic here comment, blogs, recipes… or just that bar/pub to relax and have a few pints.
  • and you get it!

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