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What is .VIDEO?

Its a great way to bring your videos online and show the world your imagination, nature, news, reviews, fashion.

Why choose a .VIDEO Domain Name?

Its a great place to put your content for the world to see. YouTube & Facebook have over a million views with videos. It has become a enormous part of our life and internet culture the streaming of video content.

Just a few ideas on using .VIDEO

  • Professionals – With .VIDEO it fits perfect with your brand of professionally made videos.
  • Individuals – Sharing your videos with family and friends in one place online.
  • .Youtube and Vimeo lover? – Yes then perfect you can create a .custom VIDEO domain and forward it to your channel so viewers can easily find and watch your videos.
  • Businesses – If you have marketing promotional or instructional learning videos you can have a section of your website specifically for those.

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