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Dedicated Servers Hosting
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Choose the OS that's right for you!

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your single-tenant VM..High performance hardware, generous bandwidth & total control.
Dedicated servers — all to yourself and under your command.
Our dedicated servers hosting Quad Core plans feature lightning-fast processors, up to 32 GB of RAM, 20 TB of bandwidth, and Intel Quad Core Xeon processors, all backed by the best service and support in the industry, available LIVE 24/7. With our team of experts, you don't have to worry about setup — we'll get your server up and running fast! Choose the plan that's right for you, then customize it to meet your unique needs with even more bandwidth, control panel options, backup plans, firewall protection and more. Linux/Windows dedicated server unlimited bandwidth plans at a cheap as in quality affordable hosting plans. When you decide to order you are able to chose Self Managed, Managed or Fully Managed, Questions? Call (480) 624-2500 to get started now.
Choose from Linux or Windows
Your questions, our answers

What happened to the Intel i3/i5/i7 Core cpu's?

On our dedicated servers we have upgraded to the Intel® Xeon® Core cpu processors - Quad core (4 cores). Delivery high preformance, agility and reliability across a full range of workloads.

How do you monitor your data centers and servers?

Bladedomainandhosting has a 24/7/365 team on site to ensure our servers - and your sites are running at top quality and peak preformance.

Do you have a Web-Based Control Panel that will allow me to manage my server?

Yes. Every Dedicated Server comes with Web Host Manager (WHM), which will allow you to create and manage and customizing your account, as well as managing all other aspects of your server giving you complete control

Will I be able to upgeade my VPS Hosting to a dedicated server?

Yes. If you have a VPS hosting account with us, you can upgrade to our dedicated hosting at any time by ordering a new server. For Fully Managed customers, we will migrate your data from your current account to your new server.

How long will it take to get my server set up?

With our dedicated servers we want you up and running as soon as possible. The standard dedicated server configurations can be set up in minutes, however some server add-ons and custom configurations may require a longer setup time.

What is Raid?

(RAID) short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks which is a means for storing data on multiple hard disks, then linking the disks so that the operating system on your server views them as a single entity. We offer RAID-1 with our dedicated server hosting.

The method of RAID is data storage is known as mirroring. So Data is written to at least two disks, which offers a high degree of data security, but incurs a slight performance decrease due to capturing data on two disks.

Detailed server specs

Host Servers:

  • Processor type 1x Intel E3-1220 v3
  • Processor memory 32 GB ECC VLM DDR3 1600MHz (4 x 8)
  • Processor cache 15 MB 8 MB
  • Hard disk 2 x 2 TB drives

Each Single-tenant VM (Virtual Machine) provides:

  • 5,000 SMTP relays
  • Backups and Restores (managed & fully managed)
  • Linux with cPanel available (managed & fully managed)
Levels of Management
You don’t need anyone’s help -- you’ve got this covered. When standing up new environments, you’d rather control your updates, if you make any at all. Our Self-Managed plans give you the freedom to flex your tech skills.
You just need simple backups and patching, updates you don’t have to think about and the power of cPanel. We include it all at no additional cost, giving you the tools to handle everything else.
Fully Managed
You don’t have the time to be a SysAdmin. Our dedicated Advanced Hosting Support team can do that job for you, so you can focus on your clients.
OS Distributions
CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows 2008, Windows 2012
CentOS 6, Windows 2008, Windows 2012
CentOS 6, Windows 2008, Windows 2012
Control Panel
Root Access
1-Click Application Installs
Auto Updates & Patching
Without Root: Auto Updates
Unlimited number for websites.
Includes CDN/WAF.
Unlimited number for websites.
Includes CDN/WAF.
Backups and Restores
IP Address
Dedicated Team with Unlimited Server Admin Services